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Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey attracts millions of visitors annually, as people head there for treatment. Official reports indicate that the number of visitors in 2021 reached approximately thirty million people, including one million three hundred thousand people seeking treatment, representing 65 countries from around the world.

These numbers reflect the tremendous development in the healthcare sector in Turkey, where the country is known for providing a wide range of medical services including cosmetic surgeries, eye treatments, heart surgeries, cancer treatments, and many other services. The cost of treatment in Turkey is low compared to European countries, and sometimes even lower than patients home countries, making it an attractive destination for treatment.

Overview of Medical Tourism in Turkey:

Some reports indicate that the size of medical tourism in Turkey during that period is estimated at one hundred billion dollars annually. Health authorities aim to achieve twenty billion dollars by 2023 as a goal for the medical tourism sector in Turkey. Certainly, achieving this number will contribute to raising the level of the economy and providing job opportunities in various sectors.

Turkey stands out during this period as one of the leading destinations for medical tourism, as it possesses coastal and archaeological areas that add an atmosphere of joy and happiness during treatment periods.

What are the drawbacks of medical tourism in Turkey?

There are some drawbacks to medical tourism in Turkey, which can be easily overcome by following specific procedures that healthcare providers in medical centers will guide you through:

  1. Language communication difficulty: Most visitors coming to Turkey for treatment do not speak Turkish, and the common alternative is to communicate in English. If thats not possible, medical centers can provide a Turkish translator during the treatment period.
  2. Lack of visit documentation: Many medical centers and hospitals in Turkey often do not document patients visits, which is important for those who want to follow up on their condition in the future in case of any problems. Requesting documentation of the case and documents from the place where the treatment was provided is possible.

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What is medical tourism in Turkey?
Medical tourism is known as the movement and travel from one place to another whether within ones country or abroad for the purpose of treatment relaxation or recovery such as health resorts sulfuric springs therapeutic sands secluded islands for recovery and mental relaxation as well as centers dedicated to physical rehabilitation and others.
What are the advantages of living in Turkey?
The advantages of living in Turkey include its rich history diverse culture and natural beauty while its disadvantages include differences in customs and traditions and difficulty in communication if you do not speak the Turkish language and this is not everything!
Is medical treatment in Turkey good?
Turkey has been listed among the countries with the highest level of healthcare and medical care and one of the first countries to introduce new therapeutic technologies into practice. The best globally renowned specialists from various fields work in this country.
What are medical hotels?
They are specialized facilities and resorts on the coasts and picturesque mountains of Turkey providing high-quality medical and therapeutic services as well as recreational and tourist facilities and a range of services that meet the needs of patients.
Why seek treatment in Turkey?
The development of treatment in Turkey has made this country one of the important tourist destinations for patients and those seeking treatment and convalescence especially those coming from Middle Eastern countries for two main reasons: medical and therapeutic advancement in terms of capabilities and medical and health technologies in Turkey in addition to Turkeys charming nature and suitable climate for spending leisure time during treatment.