Orthopaedic Surgery

Discover advanced orthopedic surgery services in Turkey, providing comprehensive treatments for various musculoskeletal conditions, ensuring optimal recovery and mobility.


Benefits of Orthopedic Surgery in Turkey

Turkey stands out as a leading destination for medical tourism, boasting numerous advantages in the medical and therapeutic field, making it one of the best healthcare systems globally for orthopedic surgery and other treatment areas.

One of Turkey's true assets and what makes it excel in orthopedic surgery is the presence of numerous experienced doctors and surgeons, who possess skilled hands and have spent considerable time acquiring expertise and knowledge. Additionally, hospitals and specialized medical centers for orthopedic surgery in Turkey are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, tools, and various imaging techniques and technologies, aiding in better diagnosis, evaluation, and significantly benefiting in finding the best treatment.

Despite the modernity and advancement of medical facilities and the availability of the best technology alongside experienced and highly skilled doctors, the cost of treatment in Turkey is significantly lower compared to other countries. The lower cost of orthopedic surgery in Turkey is one of the most important advantages that attract people from countries where treatment costs are very high. Patients can undergo orthopedic surgery in Turkey at a much lower cost, which usually includes travel, accommodation, and transportation expenses during the treatment period.

What Orthopedic Surgeries is Turkey Known For?

Costs of Orthopedic Surgery in Turkey

The cost of orthopedic surgery in Turkey is lower than in the Gulf countries, Jordan, the United States, and Europe. The cost of orthopedic surgery in Turkey varies primarily depending on the type of procedure. The cost of joint replacement surgeries such as knee and hip ranges between approximately $10,000 and $20,000. Meanwhile, spine and scoliosis surgeries in Turkey cost around $6,000. The cost of shoulder surgery and knee surgeries is approximately $3,500. Microscopic hand surgery and carpal tunnel syndrome surgery cost around $2,000.

What are the key advantages of having surgery in Turkey?
Turkey boasts rich medical expertise and modern equipment - with much lower costs compared to many other countries. Additionally - there are numerous experienced doctors and surgeons in various fields - ensuring quality healthcare.
What are the most famous surgical procedures in Turkey?
The renowned surgical procedures in Turkey include shoulder and knee surgery - spinal surgery - joint replacements - hand surgery - ACL reconstruction - and pediatric orthopedic surgeries.
What are the expected costs of treatment in Turkey?
Costs vary depending on the type of procedure - but generally - treatment costs in Turkey are much lower than in other countries - including medical examinations - surgeries - accommodation - and travel expenses.
Is there linguistic support available for international patients in Turkey?
Yes - many hospitals and medical centers in Turkey provide multilingual linguistic support for international patients - helping them effectively communicate with medical staff and understand treatment better.
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