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Thanks to Turkeys significant medical cosmetic capabilities, it can be said that undergoing cosmetic procedures in Turkey has become a logical and common practice. Turkey possesses many advanced techniques and distinguished centers, making it a desirable destination for cosmetic procedures over the past decades.

Advantages of Undergoing Cosmetic Procedures in Turkey

Firstly, its essential to understand the reasons why people opt for Turkey for cosmetic procedures. These advantages include:

Types of Cosmetic Procedures and Prices in Turkey

Its crucial to know the types of cosmetic procedures available in Turkey and their prices. The cost of each procedure varies depending on the center, doctor, and patients condition. Therefore, its best to check the details before undergoing any procedure.

What is the cost of cosmetic surgery in Turkey?
Facial cosmetic surgery ranges from $1000 to $2500 per procedure.
Rhinoplasty ranges from $3500 to $6000.
Liposuction ranges from $2000 to $3200.
Fat injection ranges from $1400 to $2800 per procedure.
How much does breast lift cost in Turkey?
The cost of breast lift varies depending on the clinic and the type of procedure. Regarding breast lift without artificial implants the price ranges between 2000 and 2500 euros. As for breast lift with artificial implants the price ranges between 2800 and 3500 euros.
Is fat burning for weight loss considered purely cosmetic surgery?
Fat burning procedures are used for cosmetic purposes aiming to sculpt the body and eliminate excess fat that obscures the natural physique
Is there a specific age for rhinoplasty?
There is no specific age for undergoing rhinoplasty surgery but the individual should be over 18 years old to allow for the completion of nasal bone structure
Are cosmetic surgeries in Turkey successful?
Yes statistics released by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the group of organizations concerned with health affairs indicate that cosmetic surgeries in Turkey have reached a high level of development and modernity. They are classified among the best countries in performing both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Turkey annually welcomes approximately half a million visitors seeking cosmetic surgeries
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