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Obesity Treatment Surgery in Turkey with Turk Easy

Obesity is a chronic disease that is often difficult to treat through simple dieting or regular exercise. However, obesity surgery in Turkey is considered a suitable therapeutic option, especially for individuals suffering from severe obesity and serious health problems exacerbated by weight gain.

Obesity treatment surgery includes a variety of procedures that help in weight loss by reducing food intake and/or absorption.

Obesity Surgery: Medical Conditions?

Obesity is characterized by an increase in body fat mass that can cause many health problems. Obesity surgery is an effective treatment that helps to permanently get rid of excess weight and pathological obesity.

Obesity treatment surgery is recommended for individuals under the age of 60 with a body mass index (BMI) of over 35 or 40 if they have other obesity-related diseases such as:

Complications of Obesity Treatment Surgery

However, obesity treatment surgery can lead to complications such as internal bleeding, wound infection, or the possibility of blood clots.

Some complications may occur later, often due to the patient's failure to follow the recommendations provided by the surgeon, obesity treatment specialist, and psychologist during the follow-up period.

Cost of Obesity Treatment Surgery in Turkey

Generally, the cost of obesity surgery in Turkey with Turk Easy ranges from 2500 euros to 6500 euros. This includes pre-surgery medical consultation and examinations, obesity surgery, post-surgery care in the hospital, medications, and medical follow-up after surgery.

What is obesity surgery?
Obesity surgery is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing excess weight by changing the size of the stomach or rerouting the path of food to the intestines. This surgery is typically used to treat severe obesity associated with serious health problems.
Who is a suitable candidate for obesity surgery?
A suitable candidate for obesity surgery is someone who suffers from morbid obesity (BMI > 40 or BMI > 35 with obesity-related health conditions) and has not responded to other treatments such as lifestyle changes and medication.
What are the possible complications of obesity surgery?
Possible complications of obesity surgery include failure to comply with the new diet - gastric leakage - gastric inflammation - internal bleeding - anemia - gallstone formation - and chronic pain.
What care is necessary after obesity surgery?
After obesity surgery - the patient should follow a special diet and monitor their physical activity. They should also regularly visit the doctor for progress check-ups and to address any potential complications.
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