General Surgery

Learn about general surgery procedures, including treatment for various diseases and conditions, pre- and post-operative care, and why people choose Turkey for general surgery


Brief Explanation of General Surgery

General surgery is the broad field of medicine that involves treating patients before, during, and after surgery or an operation.

General surgery is performed to treat a wide range of diseases in various parts of the human body, including but not limited to:

Since general surgery covers a wide range of diseases, it requires complex skills to make decisions. General surgeons must be proficient in diagnosis, treatment, and management of complications in addition to practical intervention.

Given the wide range of diseases and treatment methods under general surgery, it is not expected that a general surgeon is an expert in all diseases. They study and train in various fields of general surgery and then specialize in one or a few limited fields or subspecialties.

Why People Opt for General Surgery in Turkey

Different surgical procedures that a general surgeon may perform require support from a well-equipped, wide-ranging medical infrastructure and well-trained medical services, which can be found in Turkey. One of the main reasons patients prefer to undergo general surgical procedures in Turkey is the cost-effective medical infrastructure and services.

The medical infrastructure and staff training in Turkey have kept pace with developments in Europe and the United States to maintain its position as one of the best medical tourism destinations in Asia and Europe.

Many healthcare facilities in Turkey are recognized by local and international accreditation organizations such as the Joint Commission International (JCI), the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JACHO), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in addition to being affiliated with reputable medical facilities.

Doctors and other medical staff in Turkey undergo continuous education and training, as well as certification from the Turkish Medical Association.

General surgery doctors in Turkey have training and experience not only in surgical procedures but also in managing the patient's condition post-operation until recovery.

Many patients choose healthcare facilities in Turkey for general surgery due primarily to the high quality of medical services at relatively lower costs.

For example, the cost of appendectomy starts at $3,011. According to data from the International Federation of Health Plans, the lowest cost in the United States is $7,756, averaging $13,003.

What is the main specialization of general surgery?
The main specialization of general surgery is the treatment and performance of surgical procedures on a variety of organs and systems in the body including the digestive system - glands - skin - blood vessels - urinary system - thoracic cavity - as well as general surgical procedures such as tumor removal and correction of structural deviations.
Does general surgery only include major surgical procedures?
No - general surgery also includes minor surgical procedures and diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound imaging and biopsies.
Are general surgery services provided for children?
Yes - general surgery specialties typically include services for children - including treatment of enlarged tonsils - appendectomy - and correction of structural deviations such as congenital defects.
What is the typical recovery time after general surgery?
Recovery time after surgery varies depending on the type of procedure and individual condition. However - rest and following doctor's instructions after surgery are usually recommended - and full recovery may take several weeks or months in some cases.
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