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Explore advanced organ transplant services in Turkey, offering hope and life-saving solutions for patients in need of kidney, liver, heart, or other organ transplants, performed by skilled medical professionals.


Organ Transplantation in Turkey

Organ transplantation in Turkey has achieved significant successes, propelled by advanced medical facilities and modern techniques utilized in organ transplant surgeries. Thanks to these efforts, Turkey has become one of the leading destinations for patients seeking medical treatment, particularly in the field of organ transplantation, whether for treatment purposes or medical tourism.

Organ Transplant Programs in Turkey

Organ transplant programs in Turkey are among the most advanced globally, encompassing kidney, liver, heart, corneal, pancreatic transplantations, and more. According to data from the Turkish Ministry of Health's Organ Transplant Services Department, approximately 30,000 patients are awaiting organ transplant surgeries in Turkey.

  • Kidney Transplant: 22,921 patients
  • Liver Transplant: 2,256 patients
  • Corneal Transplant: 1,553 patients
  • Heart Transplant: 1,164 patients
  • Pancreatic Transplant: 298 patients
  • Statistics from the Previous Year

    In the previous year, around 9,447 organ and tissue transplant surgeries were performed in Turkey, with kidney transplantations comprising 38% of the total surgeries, corneal transplantations 39%, liver transplantations 19%, and heart, lung, and pancreatic transplantations making up a smaller percentage.

    Growth in Demand for Organ Transplantation

    In a statement by the head of the Turkish Organ Transplant Foundation, Dr. Ayoub Kahouji, it was noted that the number of patients awaiting organ transplant surgeries is increasing by 20% annually, underscoring the growing need for these services and the importance of continued development and expansion of their provision.

    What types of organ transplantations can be performed in Turkey?
    Various types of organ transplantations can be performed in Turkey - including kidney - liver - heart - cornea - pancreas - and others.
    What are the statistics regarding organ transplantations in Turkey?
    According to data from the Turkish Ministry of Health - approximately 30 -000 patients are awaiting organ transplantations in Turkey - with kidney transplantation having the highest percentage.
    Can non-citizens receive organ transplantation services in Turkey?
    Yes - non-citizens can receive organ transplantation services in Turkey - and the country is one of the top destinations for medical tourism due to its excellent healthcare and modern medical technologies.
    Do organ transplantations in Turkey include a guarantee for the success of the operation?
    Yes - organ transplantation facilities in Turkey provide high-quality services and use the latest medical technologies to ensure the success of operations and the safety of patients.
    What are the steps to follow to get an organ transplantation in Turkey?
    The necessary steps to obtain an organ transplantation in Turkey are determined based on each patient's condition and the type of organ required for transplantation. It is recommended to contact a specialized medical facility in Turkey for more information and to determine the necessary steps for treatment.
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