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Ophthalmology in Istanbul, Turkey

Ophthalmology is the medical specialty concerned with treating eye diseases and their accessories. This includes prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, with a focus on restoring and improving visual health for patients from all over the world using the latest technologies.

What is an Eye Examination?

An eye examination involves a functional evaluation of visual acuity and microscopic examination of the anterior and posterior parts of the eye to detect potential risk factors and eye diseases. This examination includes measuring eye tension in our distinguished clinics in Turkey.

Purpose of Eye Examination

The purpose of an eye examination is to assess the health and visual acuity of the eyes and ensure there are no disorders or diseases that may affect vision, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

When to Consult an Ophthalmologist?

Common Eye Diseases Treated in Turkey

Eye Treatment in Top Clinics in Turkey

Ophthalmology specialists in Istanbul advise following specific tips to avoid eye diseases such as protecting eyes from UV rays and having regular check-ups.

Consult the Best Doctor in Istanbul: Prices and Clinics

Turk Easy facilitates communication with the best eye surgeons in Turkey, allowing you to get a competitive quote for your treatment at the best eye clinics at reasonable prices.

What services do eye clinics in Istanbul provide?
Eye clinics in Istanbul offer a wide range of medical services - including diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases such as glaucoma - cataracts - strabismus - and more. These clinics also provide regular check-ups and advanced surgical techniques.
How can I schedule an appointment with the best eye doctors in Istanbul?
You can schedule an appointment by contacting the clinic directly or through websites that facilitate patient-doctor communication. Turquie Santé website provides access to the best doctors and competitive price quotes.
What is the cost of medical eye treatment in Istanbul?
The cost of medical eye treatments in Istanbul varies depending on the type of treatment - techniques used - and the clinic you choose. For an accurate cost estimate - it is advisable to consult the clinic directly or contact Turquie Santé.
Do eye clinics in Istanbul offer services for international patients?
Yes - many eye clinics in Istanbul offer comprehensive services for international patients - including translation - travel arrangements - and accommodation - ensuring a comfortable and reliable treatment experience.
What safety measures are taken during medical treatment?
Eye clinics in Istanbul follow strict protocols for cleanliness and sterilization - and use the latest medical technologies to ensure the highest levels of safety and effectiveness in the treatments provided.
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