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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Turkey

Physical therapy, or more precisely physical medicine and rehabilitation, is a medical specialty aimed at treating patients suffering from mobility and cognitive difficulties, as well as painful symptoms due to a variety of diseases, especially those related to the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, joints, and lymphatic system.

What is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation?

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (MPR), also known as functional rehabilitation, is a medical specialty concerned with improving the quality of life of individuals with acquired or congenital disabilities. Regardless of the patient's gender, age, or sports activities, the treatment aims to reduce physical and psychological consequences to achieve a balanced life.

The Role of Specialists in Rehabilitation (Physical Therapists)

Physical therapists conduct various examinations to identify the functional impairments of the patient and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Techniques such as motion recording or imaging may be used to perform additional tests.

Care can be provided in either an outpatient clinic or during hospitalization, depending on the patient's condition. The physician determines the session schedule accordingly.

Best Motion Rehabilitation Centers in Turkey

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What types of services can I receive at therapy and rehabilitation centers in Turkey?
Services offered at therapy and rehabilitation centers in Turkey include various natural treatments such as physical therapy - occupational therapy - as well as treatments aimed at muscle strengthening - pain relief - and improving mobility.
Can I get therapy and rehabilitation sessions in Turkey at reasonable prices?
Yes - therapy and rehabilitation sessions in Turkey can be obtained at competitive prices - especially when contacting a mediator like Turk Easy which provides access to well-known hospitals at discounted rates.
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