Pediatric Surgery

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Pediatric Surgery in Turkey: What is it and its Types?

Within the surgical fields related to the human body, there are several specialties such as cosmetic surgery, spinal surgery, dental surgery, and obesity surgery, each addressing specific medical conditions. Among these specialties is Pediatric Surgery, which focuses on treating diseases and congenital defects affecting children from birth to adolescence.

What is Pediatric Surgery?

Pediatric Surgery, also known as "Pediatric Surgery," is the specialty that deals with treating diseases and deformities affecting children during childhood. These diseases have their own characteristics and require specialized surgical intervention for their treatment.

Specialties of Pediatric Surgery:

Diseases Requiring Pediatric Surgery:

Diseases that may require surgical intervention in children include ear deformities, appendicitis, burns, lung deformities, testicular malformations, and many others.

Getting Treatment in Turkey:

With Turk Easy, you can get a free quote from the best hospitals in Turkey, with guaranteed referrals to qualified clinics and experienced doctors. We offer free consultations and personalized offers tailored to your child's condition.


Pediatric Surgery is a vital specialty in the field of medicine, contributing to the treatment of many diseases and deformities affecting children, thereby improving their quality of life and enabling them to grow up healthy.

What is the importance of getting surgical treatment for children in Turkey?
Getting surgical treatment for children in Turkey is important because it provides access to high-quality medical facilities and experienced surgeons specializing in pediatric surgery.
Is there a guarantee for medical care for my children in Turkey?
Yes - with Turk Easy - we provide a guarantee for high-quality medical care for your children by guiding you to accredited clinics and reputable hospitals with experienced doctors.
How can I get a quote for surgical treatment for my child in Turkey?
You can get a free quote from the best hospitals in Turkey by submitting a request with Turk Easy - where you will be directed to the best options according to your child's condition.
Are there free medical consultations available before surgical treatment for children?
Yes - we offer free medical consultations for parents before surgical treatment for children - where we can provide necessary information and guidance for appropriate treatment and suitable hospitals in Turkey.
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