Spinal Tumor Surgery

Learn about spinal tumors, their symptoms, and treatment options in this comprehensive article

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Spinal Tumors

The spinal column is composed of a series of vertebrae varying in size, stacked on top of each other, known as "vertebrae". The physiological function of the vertebrae is to protect the spinal cord. These tumors occur either in the bony vertebrae of the spinal column or in the regions of the spinal cord and its nerve roots, due to genetic abnormalities in cells or as a result of other types of cancer developing in other parts of the body. In later stages, the cancerous tumor spreads to affect the spinal column. In this article, we will address various questions and answers about spinal tumors.

What are the symptoms of spinal cancer?

What are the treatment methods for spinal tumors?

What are the common symptoms of spinal tumors?
Common symptoms of spinal tumors include back pain, worsening at night, paralysis in parts of the body, reduced sensitivity to temperature changes, bladder and bowel dysfunction, localized pain at the tumor site, difficulty walking, sometimes accompanied by falls.

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