Joint Replacement Surgery

Learn about joint replacement surgery, including its types such as total knee replacement and partial knee replacement. Discover the procedures involved in joint replacement and how they can help alleviate bone conditions like osteoarthritis.

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Joint Replacement

Some people undergo joint replacement surgery due to problems with their original joints, such as osteoporosis or knee osteoarthritis, which significantly affects the cartilage, making the affected person unable to avoid or absorb shocks. Doctors perform surgery to replace damaged joints with artificial joints, placing them in the knee and connecting them to the thigh bone and upper leg bone. Doctors also use a material called "polyethylene" to absorb most of the shocks that the knee will be exposed to. Some doctors in this surgery also replace the meniscus along with the joint.

Types of Knee Surgery

What are the types of joint replacement surgery?

Tips After Knee Surgery

Doctors estimate about five days after joint replacement surgery as a patient's bed rest, but the patient should activate the blood circulation on the first day after the operation immediately, and try to start walking using crutches or a walker until recovery. The patient's muscles can regain their strength again. Doctors also advise the patient to undergo some sessions of physical therapy after completing joint replacement surgery. The first two weeks of physical therapy are only for joint stimulation. After about a month and a half of therapy, the patient can walk with the help of crutches, and after about three months, or perhaps more, the patient will be able to walk smoothly and continuously. Doctors also recommend regular check-ups to ensure the health of the artificial joint. The patient also performs aquatic and aerial therapy to maintain joint health.

What is joint replacement surgery?
Joint replacement surgery, also known as arthroplasty, is a procedure in which damaged or diseased joints are replaced with artificial ones to relieve pain and improve function.
What are the types of knee replacement surgery?
There are several types of knee replacement surgery, including total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, and complex total knee replacement.
How long does it take to recover from knee replacement surgery?
Recovery time can vary, but most patients can expect to start walking with assistance within a day or two after surgery. It may take several weeks to months to fully recover and resume normal activities.

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