Salivary Gland Procedures

Learn about various procedures related to salivary glands, including partial or complete removal and diagnosis of related conditions.

Salivary Gland Procedures 2024 | Turk EasySalivary Gland Procedures 2024 | Turk EasySalivary Gland Procedures 2024 | Turk Easy

Salivary Gland Operations

Salivary gland operations aim to partially or completely remove the parotid glands, sublingual glands, or submandibular glands. There are many classifications of diseases that lead to the inflammation, infection, dysfunction, or swelling of the salivary glands. Various methods are available to diagnose the patient's condition and then prescribe appropriate treatments. Resorting to surgery is considered one of the effective treatment methods in many cases, depending on the specialist doctor's vision and directives.

Types of Salivary Glands

What are the Symptoms of Inflammation in these Glands?

What are the Steps in Salivary Gland Removal Operations?

What are the common symptoms of salivary gland inflammation?
Common symptoms include decreased saliva production, dry mouth sensation, fever, swelling, pain, and difficulty in opening the mouth

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