Gastric Botox

Discover the benefits of gastric Botox for weight loss in Turkey. Lose weight without surgery, with lasting results and minimal risk. Book your non-invasive treatment now

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Introduction to Gastric Botox Technology

This might surprise you, but you can actually lose weight through a small injection! You might be asking now, "How is that possible?" Well, let's learn together about gastric botox injections! Gastric botox injections are known for being a new non-surgical method that can easily help in weight loss without causing many side effects. Botox injections can delay digestion and reduce appetite by relaxing the stomach muscles and decreasing its contractions. In other words, gastric botox injections can make you feel full and have less desire to eat. Usually, the results of the treatment last up to 6 months as well.

Benefits of Gastric Botox

Eligible Categories for Gastric Botox

Almost everyone can get gastric botox injections for weight loss purposes, but doctors usually suggest this procedure for people who meet the following criteria:

Risks of Gastric Botox

Fortunately, gastric botox is one of the safest obesity treatments; it carries very few risks and side effects. However, some people may experience the following:

What is the technology of gastric botox?
The technology of gastric botox involves injections of botulinum toxin into the walls of the stomach, leading to relaxation of its muscles and a decrease in appetite.
What are the benefits of gastric botox?
Benefits include weight loss without surgery, improved appetite control, and quick recovery with minimal risk.
Who is suitable for the gastric botox procedure?
The procedure is suitable for individuals who cannot lose weight through other means, have a body mass index of less than 35, and do not suffer from gastric ulcers.
What are the risks of gastric botox?
Risks include headaches, nausea, stomach pains, and rarely occurring respiratory problems and muscle weakness.

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