Understanding Dental Braces

Discover the importance and process of dental braces (orthodontics) in correcting dental misalignments. Learn about the benefits, treatment stages, and how it enhances both dental health and confidence.

Understanding Dental Braces 2024 | Turk EasyUnderstanding Dental Braces 2024 | Turk EasyUnderstanding Dental Braces 2024 | Turk Easy

Dental Alignment

Do you suffer from misaligned teeth that do not properly meet when biting due to overlapping or crookedness and need a permanent solution? You may also be concerned about tooth damage and have difficulty maintaining their cleanliness? Well, let's talk about dental alignment, which may be the optimal solution for your problem.

Dental alignment is known for being a branch of dentistry aimed at improving the alignment of twisted or crowded teeth and treating biting problems or malocclusion. Such problems can arise from direct injuries, bad habits, or even genetic reasons. Dental alignment treatment relies on the use of dental alignment devices, which can be fixed or removable (such as braces, mouthguards, or retainers).

Benefits of Dental Alignment

Dental alignment brings you therapeutic and aesthetic benefits; it improves chewing function and enhances the appearance of the mouth. In short, treatment can provide you with the following benefits:

Appropriate Categories for Getting Dental Alignment

Dentists typically suggest dental alignment for individuals with fully grown teeth. For children, this occurs when they reach the age of 12-13. Your dentist may suggest dental alignment if you suffer from one of the following problems:

Risks of Dental Alignment

Dental alignment treatment offers significant advantages, but it also has some drawbacks that should be aware of. For example, not all individuals achieve the desired outcome from the treatment, and dental alignment treatment can contribute to the following risks:

What is dental alignment?
Dental alignment, also known as orthodontic treatment, is a dental procedure aimed at improving the alignment of crooked or crowded teeth and treating bite problems or malocclusion.
What are the benefits of dental alignment?
Dental alignment provides both therapeutic and aesthetic benefits, including improved chewing function, enhanced appearance of the mouth, and increased confidence in one\'s smile.
Who is suitable for dental alignment?
Dental alignment is typically recommended for individuals with fully developed teeth. Children usually undergo this treatment around the age of 12-13.
What are the risks of dental alignment?
While dental alignment offers significant benefits, it also carries some risks, such as tooth decay (in case of poor oral hygiene), root resorption, and gum inflammation.

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