Chest Deformity Surgery

Learn about chest deformity surgery, including types of deformities, treatment options, and when surgery may be necessary. Find comprehensive information to help you understand and address chest deformities effectively

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Surgery for Chest Deformities

Doctors resort to performing chest deformity surgery when there are deformities in the chest among adults and children. However, it is one of the medical procedures that the doctor takes after the patient undergoes a treatment plan according to the deformity condition he has. And also the health condition he is in, and in this article, we will address many important medical information related to chest deformities and the types of these deformities. And when the doctor resorts to performing chest deformity surgery.

When is Chest Deformity Surgery Needed?

The thoracic cage may be affected by deformities that hinder its performance of the tasks assigned to it. Which in turn affects human health and safety. Here, after consulting the specialist, the doctor may resort to medical procedures, most notably chest deformity surgery, alongside a treatment plan. As for surgery, it depends on the cause that led to the deformities. If the cause is sternum or rib malformation. Here comes the role of the cosmetic surgery consultant, who intervenes after the lung and heart are damaged by these deformities. But if the deformity is minor, the surgery is simple, and it is performed to conceal chest deformities that must be eliminated. In this surgery, the surgeon uses biased materials to repair the deformity, and the subject has many important points that must be highlighted. Such as: Knowing the different types of chest deformities that humans are exposed to and other information.

Types of Chest Deformities Requiring Chest Deformity Surgery

And these types range in the percentage of their incidence among individuals. And this point will be clarified in the following points.

Pectus Excavatum

This type of chest deformity is the most common, occurring due to a congenital deformity, affecting the front wall of the thoracic cage, and it is close to the scoliosis deformity. In some medical circles, they are considered one, but there was a difference between them in anatomical aspects, as well as the incidence rate, so we find, as we mentioned, that chest concavity is common by a large percentage, so it will be dealt with in some detail.

What is chest deformity surgery?
Chest deformity surgery is a procedure performed by doctors to correct deformities in the chest for both adults and children.
When is chest deformity surgery necessary?
Chest deformity surgery is necessary when deformities in the chest hinder the individual\'s ability to perform essential tasks, affecting their health and well-being.
What types of chest deformities require surgery?
Common types of chest deformities requiring surgery include Pectus carinatum, Scoliosis, and Pectus excavatum.
How is chest deformity surgery performed?
The surgery depends on the specific deformity\'s cause. It may involve the use of inclined materials to repair the deformity.