Transportation in Istanbul - Guide to Getting Around Istanbul

Learn about transportation in Istanbul including buses, taxis, and public transportation. Learn how to get an Istanbul transportation card and the most commonly used transportation apps in the city.


Transportation in Istanbul

How to get around in Istanbul? What are the most popular means of transportation in Istanbul? Are there apps or programs for buses in Istanbul? What are the prices of transportation in Istanbul? These questions are among the most frequently asked among travelers to Istanbul. It is natural for travelers to look for comfortable transportation in a large city like Istanbul, which has large areas and a variety of means of transportation. Therefore, we present to you this comprehensive article, which is a useful guide to all means of transportation in Istanbul, containing sufficient and comprehensive information for any traveler looking for this information. Follow along with us to read this guide.

How to get around in Istanbul?

Metrobus line in Istanbul - Metrobüs

An express transportation line, considered the longest and fastest transportation lines in Istanbul, and its buses are double-length, wide, and the Metrobus line is considered independent as it is not affected by traffic congestion, and it has two lines for going and returning, and each Metrobus station is equipped with a machine to fill the Istanbul transportation card, and we will talk about it in a later paragraph of this article. The first metrobus station is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, which is SÖĞÜTLÜÇEŞME station The last stop is BEYLİKDÜZÜ SONDURAK, which is near Istanbul's exhibition city TÜYAP. Note: There is no bus in the Metrobus that takes you from Beylikduzu to Sogolu Çeşme directly except by one bus and its number of trips is very few (30 trips on working days, 10 trips on Saturday, and 11 trips on Sunday), so you need to change buses at a station in the middle, and we will mention the buses that operate on the Metrobus line and their starting and ending stations:

The total number of Metrobus trips per day is more than 4,000 on weekdays, more than 2,600 on Saturdays, and more than 1,700 on Sundays.

It is also worth noting that your arrival at any metrobus station clearly means that you can move to anywhere in Istanbul because many metrobus stations intersect with metro and tramway stations and important transportation hubs and nodes in Istanbul, and in case you get lost, you can ask anyone to guide you to the appropriate means of transportation to get you to the nearest metrobus station, and from here you can return to the areas you know or you can be safe until your escort arrives, as all metrobus stations are known and easy to reach.

Tramvay lines in Istanbul - Tramvay

A train for transportation in Istanbul, it has its own transportation line in the streets of Istanbul, different from the Metrobus that it can sometimes stop at some traffic lights because there are intersections of the Tramvay railway with streets dedicated to regular traffic and pedestrians, but in general, traveling in the Tramvay remains faster than regular buses. The tramway has 4 lines, and it is generally dedicated to facilitating access to tourist areas in Istanbul, especially the markets that attract tourists, and these lines are:

As mentioned above, the importance of the tramway lies in its importance as a means of transportation between the most famous and most important tourist areas in Istanbul, so we notice that many tourists rely on it in their exploratory and recreational travel in Istanbul. The T1 line passes through the most vital areas in Istanbul from Bagcilar to Kaptash, where it passes through Zeytinburnu Aksaray, Eminino, Sultan Ahmed, and Beyazit, all of which are centers of attraction and attract dozens of tourists daily in Istanbul. Also, the T2 line, although its distance is short, it passes through the division of the city center and the first tourist attraction in Istanbul.

Istanbul Metro

A train to move underground through special tunnels, and there are 6 subway lines in Istanbul that connect many of Istanbul's major neighborhood centers to each other, characterized by its independent rails that pass in most of its movements underground. We separate the six Istanbul metro lines as follows:

Istanbul Vapur Water Ferries

Istanbul steamers are one of the most popular means of transportation between the Asian and European sections, and the steamer trip is part of the recreational and tourist trips, as the ship can accommodate about 700 to 2100 people depending on the size and type of the ship, and sea transport stations and ports are witnessing a large turnout around the clock.

The Vapur ferry passes through 4 stations in the European section:

The ferry also makes four stops in the Asian section:

There are also plans to establish a maritime transportation port from the Beylikduzu area as well, which will represent a new and qualitative leap in maritime transportation in Istanbul.

Buses in Istanbul

Buses in Istanbul connect its lanes, neighborhoods, and regions in a coherent and solid manner, and they are of two types:

Taxis and private cars in Istanbul - Taksi

Many Istanbul residents, visitors and tourists rely on taxis for transportation, especially those who carry things with them, as well as for families, because traveling by taxi saves effort and time spent to reach some places, as well as it is faster, but it is expensive compared to other transportation.

What are the main transportation modes in Istanbul?
The main transportation modes in Istanbul include buses, taxis, metro, metrobus, and ferries.
How can I travel between neighborhoods in Istanbul?
You can use public transportation such as buses and metro to travel between neighborhoods in Istanbul conveniently.
What payment methods are available for transportation in Istanbul?
You can use cash, credit cards, or smart cards like \\'Istanbul Kart\\' to pay for transportation costs in Istanbul.
Are there any useful apps to assist with navigation in Istanbul?
Yes, there are several useful apps such as \\'BiTaksi\\' for taxi booking and \\'Trafi\\' to help identify suitable public transportation modes and routes.
How can I obtain an Istanbul transportation card?
You can get an Istanbul transportation card from major transportation stations or dedicated ticket offices.

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