Istanbul New Airport

Exploring Istanbul's New Airport

Istanbul New AirportIstanbul New AirportIstanbul New Airport

Istanbul New Airport

The Istanbul New Airport has been inaugurated and is considered one of the most important airports in Turkey. It is the largest airport in terms of area, covering approximately 76.5 million square meters. The new airport in Istanbul was designed to accommodate around 90 million passengers in the first phase, with a target of reaching 200 million passengers after completing subsequent phases. The airport enjoys a strategic location, making it one of the key airports in the region, in addition to providing a range of services and features that we will discuss in the following article.

Location of Istanbul New Airport:

The airport is located along the Black Sea coast in the European side, characterized by its beauty and ideal location. The distance between the new airport and Atatürk International Airport is approximately 35 kilometers, intersecting at the bridge junction.

Area of Istanbul New Airport:

The airport covers about 80% of the area that will be inaugurated for the public sector, as it is relied upon as the largest international airport in Istanbul at the present time.

Features of Istanbul New Airport:

The airport boasts a range of unique services and features, including a huge car parking facility accommodating more than 40,000 cars. The airport is also equipped with high-security systems that comply with international standards, featuring specialized and high-quality security radar systems, in addition to advanced surveillance systems.

Movement of Istanbul New Airport:

Aircraft movement begins by heading towards the landing center at the moment of takeoff. The airport provides flights directed to 41 countries around the world, with an average flight time of 3 hours, in addition to other flights directed to more than 66 countries with an average flight time of 5 hours.

Services of Istanbul New Airport:

The airport offers a wide range of services, including childrens play centers, halls for holding local and international conferences, health centers, places for prayer and worship, as well as a luxurious hotel featuring 451 hotel rooms and providing high-level services.

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